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Custom: Portrait & Recipe

$290.00 CAD

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For a very limited time I will be offering 100% custom art pieces.  It is comprised of 2 images that you send me: 1) of a family or memorable recipe and 2) a portrait photograph of a loved one.  (ie, grandma's famous cake recipe, and a portrait photo of grandma).

This artwork is created on archival art paper, and will include your original photos and acrylic paint.  Total paper size: 11x14", image size: 6"x12"

Options: you may select the background pattern (behind the portrait) 

After ordering, 1.) you will need to email me the images of the recipe and portrait.  A good quality phone photo is usually fine or a scan works as well.  2.)  Also select a primary and secondary colour

Send images and colour preferences to:

colour ideas: blues, greens, yellows, oranges, pinks, reds....or surprise me!

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